Mentorship and Me (Part 2) : Alison Crawford – the journey commences

My first mentor meeting was something of an eye-opener.  Talking about your strengths and weaknesses, motivators and drivers isn’t an easy thing to do, but that’s what we did.  Fear of not achieving meant that I have never ever written myself a career plan, despite considering myself fairly ambitious.  All this must change, says my mentor.

So now I have a summary of my discussion, all in black and white and I can’t say I’m impressed with myself!  I know what my weaknesses are, and now they are written down and acknowledged I can’t very well ignore them anymore can I?  But this is just the kick up the bum I need, to reflect on my problem areas and do something about them.  First off, I will see a project from beginning to end (and not just beginning or end).

So homework is to do a 5 year plan, find out what ‘colour’ I am and to do a bit of reflection on the last session.  I guess the main take home message is that staying where I am and following the promotion chain up doesn’t really appeal to me anymore, I don’t see anyone senior in my organisation doing anything exciting.  Although I’d like my bosses job it’s mainly so I can have more autonomy than because it’s the path to the career I’d really like.  Still, I suppose it’s a start, time for more thinking.

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