THURSDAY THOUGHTS! – Advice to your younger self

Travelling home from work last night, listening to the radio in the car, I heard a feature about the youth job market in the UK.  Three young people, who were unemployed but had been job seeking for a year ,were tasked with contacting friends of theirs who had either left the UK to work elsewhere, or whom had returned to their native country to work.  The conversation with said friend was recorded for the radio and covered one in Holland (more incentive to stay in education and lots of health service opportunities), one in Germany (tax issues appeared preferential plus paid internships) and one in Hong Kong (growth high).  They discussed what each respective country’s efforts were around youth employment and the relative opportunities available.  All three came to the conclusion that if they had not secured paid employment by the end of this year, they would go international with their job searching and move.  But it made me think:

“Knowing what you know now, what would you advise your younger self to do when starting out?”

How would you adapt your approach given the wisdom you now possess – if at all?  And more importantly …. give some reasons.

Hope you enjoy this week’s question – it certainly made me think!

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