Are You Suffering from Time Poverty?

Every new year starts with promises to oneself:Personal investment

  • I will work towards that promotion this year;
  • I will invest in helping my team be more productive this year;
  • staff really are our best asset so I will invest in their development in a planned way this year;
  • I will listen more; or even
  • I will invest in being a better manager this year.

January is a month of hope and expectation, but it will require YOU to do, behave, or think differently if any of them are to become reality this year.  Ask yourself some simple questions:

  1. How can you manage others better if you can’t manage your own time very well?  This will be visible to those around you!
  2. How will you seek out and obtain that promotion if you don’t invest in yourself this year?
  3. How will you go about turning your team into one of those “high performing teams” everyone talks about?

You CAN achieve all this if you focus on building a first class development plan, and I can help you do that.  Scatter it with a few of my Aresko Masterclasses, three times throughout 2014 and you will have a demonstrable portfolio of success by the end of the year.

You can take the first steps in making all this happen before the end of the very first month of January!  All you need to do is CONTACT ARESKO and decide whether you want to start this journey with a bespoke individual package, or as part of a larger group/team.  We can set up the rest: starting with TACKLING TIME POVERTY – the scourge (1) of the 21st century!

(1) thing that causes great trouble or suffering

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