NEWS! 360 feedback process available now!

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Aresko can now offer and deliver junior, middle and senior management 360 degree feedback exercises and personal reports.

The Chartered Institute of Professional Development define 360 degree feedback as a performance appraisal system that gathers feedback on an individual from a number of sources, typically including colleagues, direct reports and customers. This can give managers and individuals better information about their current skills and performance, as well as their working relationships, compared with more traditional appraisal arrangements based on line managers’ assessment alone.

Overview of 360 degree process

With 360 degree feedback, typically eight to 10 people complete questionnaires describing the individual’s performance. Often individuals fill out a questionnaire for themselves too, assessing their own performance.

The rationale is that, in more complex organisations, managers may not always fully understand the contribution of the people they manage – as they may be part of many different teams and engage in autonomous or semi-autonomous relationships with customers or colleagues.  There is, therefore, a strong argument for obtaining wide-ranging information to form an accurate picture of performance.

The 360 degree feedback questionnaire usually consists of a number of statements rated on a scale, for example from one to five, and often includes the opportunity to add free text comments. The ensuing report will summarise the answers given. It often shows the actual ratings given for each question, as well as averages for each question and for each competency, and any written comments (a ‘competency’ is an area of behaviour or performance measured by a group of questions).

It is important that individual employees receive regular, honest feedback on their performance, as they need to understand how their role contributes to overall organisational aims and objectives and how they are performing against agreed criteria. 360 degree feedback can enhance this process greatly.

Have you undertaken one in your present role?  If not, get in touch to find out how you can set one into motion now!

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