THURSDAY THOUGHTS! – are you making your dreams come true?

Whilst on holiday this week, it has made me think, for a very long time I feel like I’ve been on a professional treadmill and my big dream in life has been to make a move to the country and to live a better quality of life. It’s beginning to feel like this might become a reality, as we’ve been walking in Wales with the family and have a whole bunch of property details to digest. So, with a long held dream in mind:

“How do you go about making things happen, or does it feel like what you really want most is still a mountain too big to climb?”

Do you like process, getting various building blocks in place?
Are you more of a project manager with a comprehensive breakdown of stages?
Do you break things down into bite-size chunks as the whole task is too big to contemplate?
Do you ever complete at all?

No right or wrong on this, just interesting ways to go about making things happen.

My whole family is off for a 7 mile walk today in the glorious Brecon Beacons – TTFN 🙂


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  1. Peggy Edwards

     /  April 13, 2012

    This assumes you have a long term plan to break up into steps, to have a journeys end in sight or even a vision of one. That’s a hard one as the only plan is to pay the morgage off and have a nest egg to retire and travel a bit, see a few more counties and perhaps invest some time into trying to actually learn to surf and stand up for more than a couple of minutes.Opportunities sometimes come out of the blue, you have to grab these and just go with it some times.

    • This is about having a dream Peggy and putting things in place to make it a reality. Granted not everyone has a long-term plan, but I can’t believe people don’t have a dream. That dream is usually relative in its size of change, granted, but still its a dream. It can be relatively small, medium or life-changing large. The larger the dream, the less likely they are to be serendipitous. For the ones that are more life-changing, planning is essential (in my view).

  2. This is a good topic for me, seeing’s as I’ve been and gone and done it! For me, I guess what got us here, once we had that lightbulb moment when we realised that it was possible and there was nothing much that would stop us, was single-minded focus. I know I can do big picture stuff but I didn’t know I could be so single minded until we did this! I guess it shows that I’d never wanted anything enough up until then.

    Be warned though, living the dream isn’t the same as being on holiday. There be toothache and tax returns in living-the-dream land too. But there’s also so much more :0)

    Escape to secret France:


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