THURSDAY THOUGHTS! – What Team Role Do You Provide?

I’m heavily involved in the Belbin accreditation process at present so I’m interested in knowing if anyone has already obtained their Belbin Team Role and if so, does it help you understand the team role you play more fully?

“What team role do you provide?”

Perween Warsi recently used the language of team roles in management on The Apprentice: You’re Fired.  I’ve linked to Meredith Belbin’s observation of it and it makes interesting reading.

So what role do you provide?  Is your own self perception consistent with how others see you operating within a team context?  Do you actually know what your role is in self-perception inventory terms and if not, would you like an individual or team review undertaken this summer?  07932 641313 will give you access to this on a personal or team level.  Why wait to improve team working?  From the summer, with this help, you could be seen as a high performing team with this help, so ring for information and booking 🙂

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  1. Peggy Edwards

     /  April 6, 2012

    I do know my Belbin team role, I am very high in both the Resource investigator and the implementer roles, and tend towards a shaper as well. This is reflective of my personality as I do like to get on a do it, and if I can’t I often know someone who can. I will bring energy to a team and think about the consequences afterwards, a sort of ‘well they haven’t said we can’t do it this way’ attitude. I can’t abide organisational politics getting in the way of what needs to be done and will try a cut through this to get the team working. Not sure what the other in my team are, perhaps we should find out…

  2. Who do you work best with though and why?

  3. madameestsortie

     /  April 5, 2012

    I’m halfway between Resource Investigator and Implementer (in my current team).
    I used to go out with a chap who was a classic Monitor-Evaluator. As he put it himself, he was “the kind of person who doesn’t get involved with any of the doing but afterwards stands around with their arms folded saying ‘I could’ve told you that bit wouldn’t work'”.


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